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A place for writers to go crazy

Or help those in the process

The Writers Insane Asylum
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Ever sit down and try your hand at writing? Ever get really far into a great story, then just go completely blank? Well, we have.
With that in mind, we bring you the Writers Asylum.

The Writer's Insane Asylum is a place to get committed after slamming into the brick wall of writer's block one time to many. A place where you can post the problems you’re having with a sentence in your book, and get help from someone who‘s been there.
You can come here just to tell us how you feel like your head is going to explode because you can’t find the perfect word.
Join up to meet other writers that think the same way. Better yet, meet other writer's that don't!

This community is moderated by vandala and draven_ftw
We expect all our members to be respectful, and mature.
If you decide you feel the need to slam someone else’s work unfairly or in poor conduct, I can assure you, it will be deleted without a second glance.

Aside from being respectful, the only other rule is keep your padded cell clean, and don‘t bite the moderators.
If you need to make a complaint, a request, or anything else having to do with the community, please feel free to e-mail Amanda Or Josh at www.Writers_Asylum@yahoo.com
Sincerally, The Management

This hall of fame is dedicated to the kind members of this community. All it takes to be listed here is a small token of kindness. Promotion of the community is a great way to make the list, as well as posting a peice of work we find to be that great! Also, you can make it on the list by winning one of our writing contests!

CONTEST WINNER: No recent contests...

latelyontime For promoting us in NINE different communites! WOW!.
lizardscrawlsThis user also helped us here at the asylum, and all their work is HIGHLY appreciated.
ledouxfille and zenravn for being troopers and joining this group just cause they're wonderful!